60 min Muay Thai, technique and fitness

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60 min Muay Thai, technique and fitness

•Muay Thai 
•Increase fitness 
•Self control 
•Weight loss 
•Build strength 
•Gain confidence 
•Learn something new 
•Controlled environment 
•Set goals 
•Be part of a supportive team

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Whether you are totally new to Muay Thai, have done it elsewhere, had a break or been a fan forever, it’s time to give it a go with the TSMT team!


What Can You Expect In a Late Teen/ Adult Session?

Our 60 min sessions promise to give you a workout, have you leaving with more knowledge and understanding. 

Each night has its own theme which changes day to day. This enables you to learn more, stops monotony and keeps things fresh. 

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We scale to different levels yet always encouraging you to push yourself a little further.

Our motto is “leave your egos at the door!” so you can rest assure you won’t be walking into a hostile environment. 

This is a very important part of our values. 

Contact us, head in to meet the team and start your Muay Thai journey at TSMT.

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