Kids Muay Thai 4-12yrs

60 mins of Kids Muay Thai Training

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60 minutes of Kids Muay Thai Training

•Build confidence 
•Team work
•Social skills 
•Life skills 

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Brodie Stalder himself started at a very young age and the kids sessions hold a very special place in his heart. He believes the foundations for respect, work ethic and technique is set as a child and these values will continue through the ages. 

Here at TSMT we start from 5yrs old developing confident, socially capable, fit and healthy children. We use the art of Muay Thai in a controlled environment to do this. 

Muay Thai can be fun, exciting, rewarding, challenging and has helped to improve so many children’s lives at home and school. 

“To know you are capable is a bigger weapon than one being used.”

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What Can You Expect In a Kids Session?

  • Warm up- jogging, tyre work or skipping...

  • Technique- Basic weapons with no contact...

  • Combinations- Generally in pairs, backwards and forward repeated with your partner...

  • Bag Work- This is the time to let lose with power while following instructions...

  • Pads- Times rounds with a trainer hitting forearm or focus mitts...

  • Fitness- Body weight moves, squats, burpees, push-ups, burst bag punches/kicks/knees, rope work, games and more...

  • Core- The centre of the body that needs the most work of all. We have so many ways that we work with the kids on their core to make it challenging and fun. 

  • Respect- Understanding and respecting everyone’s right to learn at their own pace. We ask the children to greet, support and allow their team mates freedom to be themselves... 

  • Sparring- This is only for the selected as we see fit with each child’s emotional and physical capabilities. 

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As much as we know you love your kids, this is the time to step back and allow us to do our job. It’s very difficult to develop trust when the pressures of others are upon them.  

We kindly ask that you wait outside with the other parents and from time to time we will invite you in to see their progress. 

Book your child’s first session, meet the team and see what Muay Thai can do for them.


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