Fight Training

120 mins Fight training sessions.

120 mins Fight training sessions.

•Weight loss journey 
•New skill set 
•Increase fitness 
•Improve Technique 
•Be part of a supportive team


Here at TSMT we run fighters training for those currently fighting and for those training to one day fight. To join this group we ask for your commitment and in return you  have ours. 

These sessions are longer, have more contact training, require work completed away from the gym and for you to be responsible at all times. 

When you train to fight, others naturally look at you as an example or leadership... 

This alone means you must at all times follow the fighters code of contact given and signed by you when selected by Brodie and Elise. 

What Can You Expect In a Fighters Training? 

During your training, both Brodie and Elise spend the extra time preparing you for something they know all too well. 

Everything is programmed for you to be safe and prepared for when you step over those ropes. 


One of the most exciting things about training at TSMT is that Brodie Stalder is still currently training and fighting.

Brodie is 20years in and became a professional fighter at the age of 16. Brodie has already had 78 fights to date and still planning for more. 

All this means you get him hands on training, sparring, clinching and more everyday!

[Video] Technique with Brodie Stalder

Catching kicks, knees, sweeping and counter with TSMT’s owner, head coach & professional Muay Thai fighter Brodie Stalder. These are some highlights of what you can expect when training at TSMT

[Video] Technique with Brodie Stalder

Why your feet are so important in Muay Thai- Stability, pivoting, power, control, balance and more. These clips are taken during an evening session and not planned or scripted. This is Brodie, Mr technique through and through!

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Unit 4/ 2 Premier Circuit, Warana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 4575

0481 749 259

Team Stalder Muay Thai



0481 749 259


Unit 4/ 2 Premier Circuit, Warana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 4575

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Team Stalder Muay Thai is a family owned and operated gym and fitness centre located at Warana, Sunshine Coast offering traditional Muay Thai fitness training for kids, teens, adults, ladies only, fighters training and personal training of all ages. TSMT is a safe, ego free environment with a focus on the martial art of traditional thai boxing. Offering weight loss advice, nutrition, technique and self defense.

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